About Grafika

Grafika is a simple stop-motion animation maker.
This web application provides a platform for users to upload/view/create/share animations to the Interweb.

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Grafika uses JSON as the data structure for the animation.
There are two types of animations: Private and Public

Data Structures

Grafika uses JSON as the data structure for the animation.

  • _id A unique id. Every animation is assigned a unique id by the system
    as an identifier
  • localId A unique id per platform. This unique id is created by the platform (i.e: This web site or Android app) that creates the animation.
  • name The user-friendly name of the animation. This can be changed anytime.
  • author The author of this animation. This is usually taken from your username. However, a default user preference can override this value.
  • description An optional descriptive sentences that describe the animation
  • width The width of the animation in pixels
  • height The height of the animation in pixels
  • isPublic A flag to tell the system to differentiate private vs public

Private Animations

Private animations can only be viewed, play and shared by the owner.
Since this type of animation is only available to you, the commenting service will not be available.

As the owner of this animation, you can make change a private animation to be a public by changing the isPublic flag.
Doing this will allow the animation to be accessible by everyone else.

Public Animations

Public animations can be viewed, play and shared by anyone accessing the system. By marking an animation public, you (as an author of that animation) are granting everyone else a view access to your animation.


As of right now, we're maintaining web and android platform. Grafika is available on Google Play Store.


Available in https://grafika.herokuapp.com


There three different channels to get the app

  • Alpha Testing Channel This channel is mostly unstable and released almost daily. Opened only for anybody that signed-up for alpha-testing
  • BETA Testing Channel This channel is open for everybody to want to try the latest release before any feature gets to the production.
  • Production Channel This channel is for everybody. The app is considered most stable in this channel.